by Troy R. Bishop


The Urantia Book Data System (UBDS) is designed on a concentric zones basis.

The reason for the concentric zones design is to allow for central definition and access, while also allowing for peripheral specialization and third-party operation.


At the center of the UBDS are the Exemplar Files, whose design and contents define all outward zones and enterprises. The contents of the Exemplar Files are the pure, unembellished, unformatted text of The Urantia Book in sets of 197 files, each file containing one Paper of Urantia Book text and each fileset containing the complete files of one language.


The Outer Zone is the area for secondary activities related to The Urantia Book.

Outer Zone activities can be performed independently at any geographic location by any individual or group. A publisher in Peru taking the initiative to print The Urantia Book is Outer Zone work. Or a group making an online annotated version of The Urantia Book available. Or individuals publishing abridgements or excerpts. Or an activity publishing an online Urantia Book containing context-specific links throughout its text; for example, links to research notes, topical indexes, or audio recordings.

Outer Zone programs and files are created and maintained by the various Outer Zone enterprises to carry out their missions and remain their property or are assigned to others or to the public domain as they see fit.

One specific Outer Zone activity is the publishing of The Urantia Book with specific text numbering and labeling as designed by the publisher or by others.

Some Outer Zone enterprises are carried on by the UBDS itself; for example, publishing the online Outer Zone Web Book, The Multilingual Urantia Book.

Key to the operation of the Outer Zone are the four Urantia Book Programming Objects: Javascript objects used to simplify the task of Urantia Book Programming. By the use of these UBDS-developed and UBDS-maintained Urantia Book Programming Objects, operations ranging from Urantia Book reformatting to Urantia Book abridgement or annotation are brought within the realm of moderate project complexity.

The four UBDS Urantia Book Programming Objects are: the Exemplar Map Object, the Abs Map Object, the Ubf Map Object, and the Ubf HTML Object. The first three of these are useful for programs to use to access structural information about lines of text under the Exemplar, Abs, and Ubf Text Numbering Systems, respectively. The fourth Urantia Book Programming Object, the Ubf HTML Object, can be used by programs to format specific Exemplar File lines to the online Multilingual Urantia Book specification, including Web styling and hidden HTML code for search and text alignment purposes.

The Urantia Book Programming Objects are freely available to the public. Individuals and organizations can also create other Urantia Book programming objects using these objects as templates, to help them carry out their own specific projects or to donate to the public.

The four Urantia Book Programming Objects are used in Urantia Book Codifier and Urantia Book Translator, greatly aiding in the work of these UBDS programs.


The Middle Zone is the servicer of the Inner Zone, of the Middle Zone and also of the Outer Zone.

An example of an Inner Zone-related Middle Zone program, with one of its corresponding Middle Zone Files, is Urantia Book Codifier used in its Inner Zone aspect, with, among many others, its Middle Zone Working Files. Its associated Inner Zone files are the Exemplar Files.

An example of a Middle Zone-related Middle Zone program, with its corresponding Middle Zone Files, is Urantia Book Translator, with, among others, its Middle Zone Working Files and its Middle Zone Import Files.

The Middle Zone also contains files and programs used to create and maintain Outer Zone secondary works that are administered by the UBDS.

An example of an Outer Zone-related Middle Zone Program with its corresponding Middle Zone Files is Urantia Book Codifier used in its Outer Zone aspect, with its Outer Zone Multilingual Urantia Book-supporting files which include, for example, the Multilingual Files. The corresponding Outer Zone program, The Multilingual Urantia Book, is administered by the UBDS, as are its Outer Zone files, including, for example, its Multilingual Files.

Middle Zone also contains programming resources for use in the Outer Zone.

Examples of Outer Zone-related Middle Zone resources are the four Urantia Book Programming Objects: Javascript Objects that provide information relating the Exemplar Files to various other files or concepts; that is, they are Exemplar-File-to-other-file-or-other-concept transformation maps.